Dataset release: 450,000 Instagram posts with the hashtag #100daysofpractice

Hello! I’m glad to announce the release of 100daysofpractice-dataset! Below you’ll find the description of the dataset. Data from Instagram posts with the hashtag #100daysofpractice. The file (40 MB) contains data from 450,000 Instagram posts with the hashtag #100daysofpractice. contains two files: posts.csv, which contains the posts data, and metadata.txt, which contains theContinue reading “Dataset release: 450,000 Instagram posts with the hashtag #100daysofpractice”

#100daysofpractice: 450k shortcodes (and post data!)

Hello! After a slight change in the strategy used to obtain the shortcodes, I was able to fetch way more data from the post, including user who posted it date when it was posted number of likes, and hashtags (completes post caption), among others. This data will have to be anonymized before it is released,Continue reading “#100daysofpractice: 450k shortcodes (and post data!)”

On the shoulders of giants

This expression got fame with Newton in the 1600’s, but it had been used already as early as the 1100’s¹. Here at Bits4Waves we usually don’t immediately dismiss ideas that linger for 1000 years or so—we try to learn from them, if possible! That’s why today’s activity is so gratifying… We’ve been collecting shortcodes ofContinue reading “On the shoulders of giants”

Let’s Make(file) it more replicable! Part 2

Hello back! So, to make things more replicable, yesterday we worked on the Makefile. Today we’ll continue this work! In retrospect, I realized it’s not the best practice to set the Python virtual environment in the Makefile, as not every user may want to do that (or maybe not specifically that way.) Let’s start fixingContinue reading “Let’s Make(file) it more replicable! Part 2”

Let’s Make(file) it more replicable!

Hello! I’m Eglur, and this is my first authored post here (all the previous ones were also written by me, but this is the first with my name, so I felt it was appropriate to introduce myself). Nice to meet you! How have you been? Now where were we…? Oh yes, replicability! Here at Bits4WavesContinue reading “Let’s Make(file) it more replicable!”

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