Our Mission

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Here at Bits4Waves we get goosebumps just by thinking about our mission. First of all, we are honored, proud, and motivated by having our mission. As everything else, we try our best to always have our mission very clear and present at every moment.

So far, the best way we found to achieve that was by means of our motto:

Software in harmony with your melody.

Our motto here at Bits4Waves

To better understand it, let’s break it into pieces!


First things first, we are software developers, so our main activity is to program the computer to do what it does best: precise sensoring and calculations, repetitive activities with exactness, among several other fun things a computer can do, helping us to achieve our goals.

In Harmony

Here we have our first premise, and behold: it has double meaning! First, we want our software to be a good tool, and good tools are invisible — meaning, they stay out of the way. Consider a brush, for instance: it’s a tool that you may use to paint beautiful images, but you don’t want to worry about how it works, you just want to use it! We try to do the same with our software: you just open it and use it right away!

The second meaning comes from Music Theory: the harmony is how we see how our software should be to you: somewhat “secondary” to the…


The Melody is the beautiful part of a music that grabs the listeners’ attention. It has marked relevance among all the songs. It’s ultimately the “protagonist” of the show!

This is how we see you when using our software: the protagonist. And we want to help you achieve the most beautiful visions by providing efficient software tools.


We know: the order is reversed! But this seemed right as we wanted to conclude by directing our attention completely to the most important person for us: you.

Our software is aimed at who loves music, and that includes all human beings! But we have special focus on instrument makers and players at each and every level, from amateurs to students to professionals, and of course the educators, who guide each step of the way.

We really hope you got as excited by reading this as we got by writing it! Lots of things are happening at the moment here. Stay in touch for more soon!

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Software in harmony with your melody

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