Carving site recommendations for plate tuning

In a recent talk with a Luthier friend, he shared with me that plate tuning could get very tedious, because of the difficulties at each step to know exactly where to carve so as to obtain the desired impact on the final frequency.

Reading some papers, I came across a very interesting one, by Alan Carruth, a former student of Carleen Hutchins. In his paper, entitled Free Plate Tuning, Part Two: Violins¹, Carruth gives a diagram with the impacts that carving might have on several different regions on the plate.

I then compiled this information in a spreadsheet, where you can input the desired final frequencies for the plates, and then feed it with the current ones. Based on this information, the spreadsheet will show diagrams with the regions that could be carved in order to achieve the final desired frequencies.

My friend liked it so I decided to share it with the community, then here it goes for your appreciation!

Please feel free to share your thoughts on it, any feedback is appreciated!

  1. Carruth, Alan. Free Plate Tuning, Part Two: Violins. The Big Red Book of American Lutherie, v. 3, 1991-1993

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